Check In

How you can do it

Check-in is a mandatory procedure for all air travelers. It confirms the presence of the passenger and their baggage with the respective airline.

Because procedures can vary, we advise you to contact your airline before travelling, to find out which documents are needed and which check-in options are available.

However, for most cases, you can check-in through one of three ways:

  1. Online on your airline’s website.

  2. At the counters at the airport.

  3. At the Self Check-In Kiosk, that some airlines have available at the airport.

For more information, contact your airline, your travel agent or call the airport customer service counter, Phones.1-809-338-5888 ext.: 3

How far in advance do I need to check-in?

The recommended check-in time varies depending on the flight. In order to avoid delays and make the most of your pre-boarding time, please respect your airline's minimum check-in time. That way, you also avoid the risk of arriving after check-in counter closes.

For most airlines, check-in can be made online 48 hours prior to boarding – check the recommended check-in time with your airline in advance.

Remember that, after checking in, you will have to go through X-ray screening and you must also go through passport control. Therefore, avoid delays and plan your arrival at the airport in advance.

If I am travelling with hold luggage and I have checked-in online, how do I check-in my baggage?

If you have baggage to check-in and you have checked-in online, go to your airline's counter and check in your baggage. Some airlines have fast lines or baggage drop-off counters.

Can I use the Self-Check-In Kiosk if I am travelling with hold baggage?

Yes. Even if you are carrying hold baggage, you can self-Check-In at the airline’s Kiosks (only some the airlines have those kiosks at the airport). Then deliver the luggage at the airline’s counter. Some airlines have fast lines or baggage drop-off counters.

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